Create a new user

Create a new user

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1. Login to your My Firm Files account either by accessing it through your website or going to

2. Click on the people icon in the sidebar on the right (it will say "Users" when you mouse over it).

3. Click on the user roles button as shown below:

4. Make sure to uncheck the "Create public links to files or directories" box! If this is not done, users will be able to see each other's files!!! Scroll down to the bottom and click "Save" when you are finished!

5. Click on the "Click Here to Create a New User" button

6. Fill out the information for the user. Make sure you check the box that says "Notify User" and that both password boxes say "Auto-Fill". That way, an email will be sent to that user's email address that you put in with their username and an randomly generated temporary password for them. Click "Next Step" to confirm these settings and continue.

7. Clients should have the role of "User". The only people that you will want to give "Administrator" or "Manager" roles to are those who work in your office.

Next, choose if you want their access to expire on a certain date. This is optional as you can always delete the user, so you can leave it as the default "Never" if you don't have a specific date you want them to have access until.

When you have chosen the Role and Expiration date options, click "Create User" to create the user.

8. You will now see the new user you have just created. 

9. Click the box next to the client you just made and the click "Edit User"

10. Uncheck the box that says "User has home folder" - otherwise, new users have home folders that only they have access to and you don't. Click "Save" after unchecking the box.

11. Now that you have a user set up, they will need their own personal folder that you and they can access. Click here for a guide on how to set up a folder for them.

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