Create/assign a home folder for a user and share it with them

Create a folder for a user to put their documents in

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IMPORTANT: Make sure you have set up a user so you can assign the folder to them. If you have not set up the user you intend to make the folder for, please see the guide here on how to create a user.

1. Login to your My Firm Files account either by accessing it through your website or going to

2. Click on "Add Folder" towards the top right corner.

3. Name your folder (often the name of your client for simplicity) and click "Create".

4. You will see that your new folder has been created.

5. Now you need to assign that new folder to a user. Check the box next to the new folder you just created and click "Share" in the top menu as shown in the image below.

6. Click in the "Select Users/Groups to share with" area to pull up a dropdown of users.

7. Choose the user you want share with from the dropdown menu. 

8. The user you selected will appear in the box. If you want to add more users, click in the box to bring up the dropdown menu again. Once you have added the user(s) you want to have access to the folder, click "Add" to add them.

9. After adding the user(s), select what they will be able to do with the files they are given. It is recommend to check at least "Manage" and "Share".

10. Click "Save" when you are finished

11. You will see that it now says "Shared" next to your folder. Both you and your client must upload all documents you want each other to see inside this folder.

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