Transferring a domain out of Integer
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To initiate a domain transfer out of Integer, contact our support team here.
Before we can transfer your domain to a new registrar, there is a $59.00 Transfer Out Fee. This fee covers the cost to transfer your domain to a new domain hosting provider and past domain and website hosting.

By transferring your domain out of Integer, we will no longer be able to provide email hosting, free domain renewals, manage DNS, or provide technical support on domain or email issues. The domain can still be pointed at your Integer website which we can provide instructions for. Depending on what registrar you wish to transfer to, you may need to move your email accounts that we currently manage to another email provider.

Once your Transfer Out Fee has been processed, we will unlock your domain name and email you the first Transfer Authorization Code.

From there you will need to contact your new host/registrar and ask them to begin the transfer from Integer to them. When they start the transfer an email containing your final authorization codes will be sent to us. As soon as we receive this email we will forward it onto you. You will then need to forward that onto your new host/registrar.

Once all the authorization codes have been received at your new registrar, your transfer can be started. Transfers can take up to 7 days to complete but are usually completed in about 5 days.

After it is transferred you will need to setup your own email hosting for any desired email address or forwarding accounts.

Unless otherwise indicated, the $59.00 Transfer Out Fee would be charged to your credit card on file. If you have another card you would like to use you can either update your Profile in the Integer Member Area or call us at 1-800-888-5803.

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